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Advanced Social Media Strategies

-Strategy Development
-Defining proper platforms
-Integration of Traditional and Social Initiatives
-Analysis of your social media platforms

Talking Finger will discuss the advanced tools and initiatives to creating an effective social media marketing presence. It is intended for those who already have social media presence and are looking to improve it, or those that are new to social media and need to know how to begin marketing themselves with social media.

Speakers: Erik Granato and Bill DeRosa, Talking Finger

Bill DeRosa
Bill has been involved in the advertising/marketing field for twenty-two years. He is highly experienced in branding, many forms of marketing-both online and off, trade show displays/graphics, and other various forms of traditional media. However, he is unfettered by the traditional mindset, and his ability to see beyond the here and now is a solid foundation for the new world of Social Media Marketing.
His focus is not only to understand trends in social media marketing, but to become a trendsetter. He brings this comprehensive approach to businesses, organizations, municipalities and non-profits he works with, as well as anyone else who wishes to learn about this fundamental shift in how we communicate, build relationships, and increase brand awareness. In the end, the goal is to generate a stronger bottom line.

Erik Granato
Erik has been involved with advertising and marketing for about 20 years. He has developed successful direct mail and print campaigns as well as success in web marketing.
His focus is to keep up with the latest trends in social media marketing, monitor your reputation and evaluate the newest smart phone apps and websites to develop a scalable plan that will deliver your message to your target audience. Erik enjoys creating strategies for social media presence, and watching the companies which utilize it properly, grow.
Social media marketing is also so ever changing, that he loves to discuss it. Erik also loves to create new connections and networks.


Activity Details
 Event: 2012 CT Business Expo
 Group: Social Media1
 Location: Room 3
 Time Frame: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm
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